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Hi Everyone. It’s been a little while since i last updated my blog, but I have been busy with my second exam paper. I handed it in yesterday, and I have the oral exam next thursday, on the 26th. I … Læs resten

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Projekt 52

Well, I have officially started my Project 52. I stole the name from Heidis class, since I couldn’t come up with something as clever 😉 Ja, så fik jeg også taget hul på mit Projekt 52. Jeg har tyv-stjålet titlen … Læs resten

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Lifebook week 1

So I finally found some time yesterday evening, to be able to paint my goddess. Luckily passed my exam, and now I have a few days off, until i begin the next exam-project on monday. Woohoo, jeg bestod min eksamen, … Læs resten

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Happy New Year

So the new year begins, and already I have many projects lined up. Så er det nye år startet, og jeg har allerede gang i en masse projekter. First up, I’d like to say, that I’m now writing my blog … Læs resten

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